Saturday, May 21, 2016

If you're not getting what you want from Agile, these signs might explain why.

Agility is the ability for development teams to respond quickly, deliver value sooner, and change your product along with changing customer needs and market opportunities. But, it is not always easy; in fact it’s hard to get out of agile what you want. Successful Agile implementation requires many different things coming together at the same time. If you're not getting what you want from Agile, these signs might explain why.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Storyboarding - Would you be willing to be this collaborative when creating your backlog?

A storyboard is a sketch of how to organize a story and a list of its contents. Storyboard provides an ideal platform to create user stories and spark conversation in a format that is much less taxing than a wall of text. Use it when creating your backlog.

What Should I Use? Scrum Or kanban?

Which agile software development methodology is better suited for my own situation?
It is import to assess your current context, decide what outcomes you are trying to achieve, and make an informed decision of how you are going to design your initial Agile Operating Model (AOM).

Thursday, May 5, 2016

MVP is not a BETA - MVP vs BETA

A lot of people misuse the term “MVP” or Minimum Viable Product. To be clear an MVP is not a beta. 

Experience shows that early product releases can be a smart move when doing innovation. What used to be called betas or even alphas is nowadays often referred to as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).A lot of people are however substituting the word “beta” with “MVP” these days, although there are some significant differences.