Thursday, November 6, 2014

Free book MVP - Successfully dealing with a rapidly changing environment

The Agile/Lean Coaching Booster  


Change (and adapting to it) needs to become an ingrained habit.

The world around us is changing, and changing rapidly. It is becoming more and more complicated and the pace of technological change is one of the highest in recorded history.
Naturally, this new reality has new challenges. The goals that we want to achieve, for example, can be ever-changing – and therefore seem unachievable. 

To face these challenges, we need strategies that will help us regain a feeling of control over our goals, and help us reach them. We need ideas that will enable us grow and flourish, while at the same time help us face the uncertainties of change. 

The need to develop new strategies and ideas, and adapt to changes, is the root of many coaching processes. Why? Because as coaches, we recognize our coachees' universal need to deal with change. They need to understand what needs changing, and they need to learn how to both preserve their changed behavior so that it doesn't dissipate within a week or two, and how to easily change again, when needed. 

Based on Lean and Agile methods, our Agile\Lean Coaching Booster teaches people how to see change as a habit, and embrace change as a way of life. This book will help people leave their comfort zone, turning dealing with new changes into a habit, they help us change our old habits effectively and quickly, and showing us to do so again in the future.

Lean and Agile methods boost productivity and promote innovation and have been tested (and proven) in real-life situations. They have achieved greater results than any other method so far. The Booster also introduces a framework that helps you coach easier, working together with your coachees towards the goals they developed themselves. 

The Booster is written to be simple and intuitive, showing you how to simplify the complex environment of change in which we live. This makes it easier for us to set goals and establish a vision, and cope with changes. 
Enjoy :)

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