Thursday, October 13, 2016

Daily Scrum with remote teams

Holding team meetings where the team members are not in the same place is not fun, and it becomes less fun the more distributed the team becomes. Combine inefficient communication channels with conducting a meeting with members who are in different countries and the inherent difficulties can cause the daily scrum heartbeat to become irregular and impact the health of the team and the entire delivery. Here's some tips and tricks...


  1. Wow! You've got really great presentation! It was a pleasure to wathc it)
    Concerning your ideas about running a remote team I generally agree with you. But are you sure teams should communicate on a daily basis? For example, Jason Fried in his book called "Rework" advises to organize so called silent days when nobody disturbs workers, they receive no messages or calls. I think it works) At least in my own case - I tried it with my outsource software company and we've got our positive results)

  2. The idea is really great, but I would still use the outsourcing services, it gives really good results.