Thursday, September 5, 2013

"When You Work with a Jerk" - Scapegoating - Deal With the Real Problem

“Scapegoating usually occurs in dysfunctional groups. It gets employed when unit of people lacks cohesion... Find a scapegoat- and everyone can come together around the problems they are experiencing and the ills that they are unable to constructively address together." Examining the dynamics of the group scapegoat can help us understand the potential the scapegoat has for a positive leadership role. If you don’t fully understand the dynamics of scapegoating, you may try to make sure the ‘troublemaker’ is dealt with without realising that they may have been the only vehicle for the group to express its dissatisfaction. Someone else will inevitably fill the role that’s left free, and you’ll never resolve the deeper, group, issue. "

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